Welcome to my world

August 11, 2009

Kate Anderson wrote her first (very) young adult fantasy  — a haunted house  story — at the age of ten.  She followed that with an adventure play set during the Oklahoma land run that included kids heroically rescuing other kids, then narrowly escaping from danger.  The teachers were less than impressed with such fantastic thinking in a school play, so she had to revise out all the “fun” stuff, but Kate never lost her love of writing a good adventure story.

She kept reading books of every kind — from literature to fantasy to history and biography, and, on more than one occasion, the encyclopedia — and writing stories for her own enjoyment.  She credits her eighth grade English teacher for instilling a love of Shakespeare, a junior high school classmate for introducing her to romance fiction, her senior English teacher for expanding her love of all literature, and a very cranky editing professor from the University of Kansas for fueling her love of language.

Kate has undergraduate degrees in Magazine Journalism and Political Science from the University of Kansas and an MBA in International Management from the University of  Southern California.  Her diverse career includes stints as a Capitol Hill legislative staffer,  nonprofit program manager, fundraising for several organizations, and financial management for large technology companies and nonprofit organizations.

Kate is always happiest when she is writing. Throughout her life, she has experimented in writing many genres of long and short fiction.  Whatever genre she wandered into, she eventually wound her way back to paranormal mysteries, usually with a strong romantic element.

Kate is currently working on a series of Young Adult fantasy romances featuring a family of mages who must battle evil forces from others of their kind as well as from other magical creatures. Dragons, faeries, and other mythological beings make regular appearances in Kate’s world, and she loves every minute she spends with these fantastic creatures.

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